Aug. 25th, 2015

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Heya Pans--

I feel like we never see each other these days. It’s good to be busy--and not trapped in the bloody castle --but it also feels strange that we aren’t all living in each other’s pockets any more.

I suppose that’s what being a school-leaver is like really; we members of the old ISS crew probably see each other more than most former schoolmates actually. On account of being members of the same revolutionary organisation and all...

How’s it been with the Sleepers? I’m sure you’re relieved Hermione’s doing better--well not just because of that obviously! It’s so good to see her and Hydra both recovering; it was touch and go there for awhile. I’ve been enjoying my role as Apparition Lass & General Magical Dogsbody for Col. Davidson--and I think that seeing that he’s obviously my superior has gone a long way toward building trust with all the Muggle camps and free farms and various groups we’ve been meeting with.

And I’ve been learning loads about Muggle history and culture and most importantly music! I met this amazing woman named Kirsty--she was one of the first wave of awakened Sleepers and she’s still having a bit of a time wrapping her head around the fact that it isn’t the 1980s any more and she’s been asleep lo these many years. But anyhow--she hung around in folk clubs and wrote songs against whoever was the Muggle Minister of Magic (well not Magic; it was some Arithmantic-sounding sort of title) and she’s been teaching me loads of songs--just by ear since she hasn’t got any sheet music. I want to try to find her a guitar when I can.

It’s been a job keeping everyone in food and clothing though--and some places are looking pretty raggedy & hitting the turnip stew pretty hard. At least I’ve been seeing Wayne & Stebs pretty often to coordinate moving stuff. Telling them about the Abbotts was pretty rough though.


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