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SUSAN BONES continues her liaison work with Col. Davidson for the next few years--negotiating, coordinating supplies, assisting re-awakened Sleepers, and generally doing what needed to get done to connect with Muggle communities & get Albion on its feet.

Despite her expressed wish to never use anything harsher than a Jelly-Legs Jinx again she ends up in a couple of tough spots (and gets shot in the shoulder once) when unrest breaks out.

To her own surprise, Susan finds herself a member of several thriving social circles. She moves in to Pansy & Sally-Anne's co-housing experiment for awhile and remains close to the group, especially Pansy & Ron. Somewhat separately she also makes sure all the still-living Hufflepuffs from their year get together periodically, and hangs out with the former Moddey kids and Muggle resistance folks she knows through Davidson.

Immediately after the war, Susan and Aurelia Archer try getting back together and discover that the magic is decidedly gone. Afterward, Susan dates both men and women casually and alternates between enjoying her freedom and being sad that she's surrounded by couples and hasn't found anything lasting for herself.

Her travels around Albion give her a deep appreciation of and fascination with Muggle art & culture and she begins once again to love books and art and all the creative things she suppressed during the war. And of course, there's music. Once the liaison job gets too bureaucratic for her tastes she quits and spends about 3 months traveling around Europe seeing bands (and goes to America at least once for a big arena rock concert!)

Once she starts singing and writing music again, she's the life of the party--and eventually too much the life of the party. She remains close to Frank Longbottom and their relationship shifts again as they become partners in sobriety. Pansy (and, interestingly, Eloise) also help her through it.

She develops an interest in Muggle psychology and a second career doing music therapy. When she finds a relationship that lasts it's with Kirsty--her Muggle friend who went to sleep as a 20-year-old art college student and anti-Thatcherite folkie and woke up in a completely different world. They don't have kids of their own but it's generally understood by the teenage kids of their larger circle that they're welcome to come stay at Aunt Susan and Aunt Kirsty's when they or their parents need a break.

Their house is full of animals, musical instruments, and the odd racing broom. Susan overcomes her black thumb just enough to grow paperwhites in her front garden.


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