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I wish this was a proper letter where I could ask after you and Terry and Kevin (and Colin and Lisa and Mr Davidson and the others) but things are pretty mad around here as you can imagine so this is more by way of passing along a message than anything else.

I just had a really interesting talk with Megan. She was absolutely bursting to tell me how happy she was to read Draco's post and get the news about Sarah Fawcett. I'm sure she's read Harry's too though we didn't talk about him as such.

Anyhow she poured out to me about all the guilt she's carried (and it's not unjustified but I didn't know how deeply her regrets went) about Sarah's death. And then she said "Not that I'm asking exactly but--if I were asking--do you think there might be a way to get a message to Sarah somehow?"

And part of me wanted to go the route of protecting my cover and say something like "What makes you think I'd know?" But--it just seemed like a moment for trust. And truth. At least some trust and truth anyhow. So I allowed that I thought I probably knew someone who could get a message to Sarah. Since she hasn't got a journal of her own that person's you ;). I figured you could show it to Sarah (if you think she would want to see it--but Sarah's always seemed like someone who'd rather know about things than not) and Sarah could respond--or not. So this is Megan's note:

Sarah, it is Megan. I know I don't deserve even to talk with you because I betrayed you and got you killed. Only you didn't get killed and I am so glad. And I am so sorry for what I did, and I don't deserve for you to forgive me but I just wanted you to know that I am not like I was before and I am not doing what people like Umbridge say, and I would do anything to do all that over again. And I am so glad you are alive. I hope you have everything you need. And I am so sorry I did what I did, and if those Order of the Phoenix people got you to a safe place then I owe them more than I will ever have. I am so glad you are alive. - Megan

I really wanted to show Megan the Galleon at least; but I couldn't without breaking the oath.
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Heya Stebs,

How's Dover treating you? I was reading Mrs Longbottom's report the other day and it sounds like there's lots going on and you're right in the middle of it.

That's quite a load, being Secret-Keeper and all. Good show, mate. I know a lot of people are going to be thrilled about getting those wands & supplies & all. What's it like working a mission with Mr Dumbledore? I feel like I haven't really seen much of him as himself, you know, and not Professor Brutka.

It was pretty wizard to see you at the Order meeting over hols--it's nice having someone from the sett that I can talk to about this stuff. Justin's here, of course, but as much as I respect the hell out of him as a person & member of the Order, we don't really talk, and we probably wouldn't even if he didn't have to maintain his cover as Dolohov's favourite. And it was neat to get to hear about the stuff you've been working on with Pansy, from your side. It always makes me happy, seeing my friends get on.

I wish I could say more to Megs & Ernie--Ernie was dead worried after you went missing, did you know? It's well ironic, given that I told him once before (well, told him a little) and he doesn't remember because he asked to be Obliviated. But, I'd like to assure that we're not the side that's murdering people by the dozen, you know? And it seems he genuinely cares about Megs, as much as he can be an oblivious pureblood sometimes.

Not that purebloods are the only ones who can be oblivious--I've been thinking a lot lately about the other intelligent beings we share the world with--Goblins, House Elves--and feeling a right idiot for not having ever thought much about them before. I mean about who they are, how they live, what they want, how they see the world. I guess there's no end to learning new things, and then feeling a bit of an idiot for not having learnt them sooner. What about you? Have you found out any more about France & the Muggle outside world? Maybe one day soon we'll be able to see it.

Give Wayne a shout from me, yeah?
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I know you've had a hell of a 24 hours. I doubt the best words in the world could help.

You're incredibly brave you know--I think having to go on with regular life and school and act like things are normal is really difficult. Your friends love you & we're here for you if you want.

I'm really sorry about Hitty.
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Has anyone else had a load of bad news at home? Mum & Dad both met us at the train, which is unusual and they both looked dead glum.

Finally, Ed asked what the matter was, and Mum told us she'd been sacked from her position at the infant school. Said she was taking a role that ought to belong to a pureblood, and put her teaching assistant in her place. It would be almost funny if it weren't so ridiculous. Her assistant doesn't even want the post! She just got engaged and only plans to work until she marries.

Dad said all the Quidditch team owners are lobbying the Council for a sporting exemption, and normally there'd be no question, since people tend to get cross when anyone messes about with the Quidditch. But he sounded worried.

And they decided not to go through the hoops to keep me on at my holiday job at the Owlery, which at least means I have plenty of time to train.
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Hey Pansy--

Do you have any of that Small Mercies potion? It'd be handy to have and to give to other Prefects who might need it for their Houses after all the rumours flying around.

I'm still out so I can come by the dungeons.
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Dear Great-Aunt Mina,

I'm so sorry that it happened under such up shocking circumstances, and I have a feeling you'd probably have rather stayed with your creatures, but I'm glad you're to be our new Head, and I think you'll be a good one.

I wanted to let you know that I'm here to support you, both as a senior Hufflepuff Prefect, and just as myself.

As far as the Prefecting goes, you can rely on Ernie and me--feel free to put us to work and generally delegate as you need to--and we'll make sure everyone's digging in the same den, so to speak.

I know you've got quite a full load, so anything I can do to lighten it, I'm happy to offer.

Best wishes and love,

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I've no idea where you and Dad are in all of this crush. Did they make all the village school kids stay with you? Or did they let them go back with their parents?

Carrie & Pete & I are trying to get over to Ed in the middle of the Gryffindor mob; then I'll side-along Pete home and they'll go together.
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Can you go to the loo or something while everyone's focused on Justin & Dolohov?

I don't want to risk anyone seeing us in two places at once.

Order Only

Dec. 28th, 2014 10:23 pm
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We're making better time & should be there s

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I hope I didn't overstep, but my mum teaches infant school and has worked with loads of children over the years, so I asked her about that dyslexia thing you think you might have. I didn't say who, just said it was for a friend.

Anyhow, she said there are things you can do to help but she wanted to meet you in person to ask some questions. I guess she used to have to be careful, because some of the things you can do are derived from Muggle educational theory, but the person in charge of the infant school teachers now (Sarah Yaxley?) is really young and, in Mum's words, "wouldn't know educational theory from broomstick manufacturing" as long as they salute the Protectorate properly and sing the correct songs.

So I guess what I'm saying is...would you like to come over to mine for dinner and talk to my mum?
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Just wanted to check in on where everyone is.

I'm in the sett Common Room projecting "calm cheerful Prefect everything's totally normal here" as hard as I have ever done in my life. And twitting Linus Moon because it amuses me.

Kelley Drumgoole was boasting about seeing the Enforcers so the cat is well out of the bag here. Letting the younger years stay up later and making a party of it--that'll make it much easier to grab Jaspar on my way out if I have to.

Sally Anne--how's everyone in the infirmary?

Obviously don't respond if compromised.
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Hey Pansy,

How are you doing? Ron's description of the Horcrux sounded...intense. And I'm sure he didn't say the half of it.

Not that I'm asking for details or anything, unless you want to talk about it. But I'm around if you do. Or if you just want to go flying or go to Fortescue's or something like normal people. And I heard a rumour that they're putting on free concerts at Hyde Park later on this summer, if you ever want to go out and dance to something loud.

It's strange being home with Mum & Dad again; I mean, it's always a little strange at the beginning of hols, but it's more so this summer.
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Thanks for sending me that message. It means a lot, it really does. A lot of the time I'm not really sure what I'm doing in the Order, especially this term. I mean, I've been helping Pansy a bit with her challenges, but anyone could do that really. And I don't know what to say to Justin (or Hydra) at all.

I was seeing someone last term, and we broke up at least partially because I have secrets she wasn't ready to know. But it's not the same and I don't want to presume that I know how it feels.

As far as the contest goes, I think the sett as a whole is well relieved that at least one of ours is out of it. And I'm not sure Smith's all that thrilled about being one of the finalists. He was an ass about it at first, but I think that before he only saw the chance of glory, and not how serious it would get. I don't know Bobolis that well--Ced would have a better idea about him--but I think he regrets doing the last challenge. Family's really important to him. The contest's been hard on my friends here, but sett-wise, Umbridge did a lot more damage.
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Ugh. I hate this hideous contest.

It's making us tear each other apart. Will accomplishing our goals be worth it if we can't stand each other or ourselves in the end?

But I don't feel like I can say that because I know very well I'm not the one taking the biggest risks here. And--truthfully, I did think it was a bit funny when I first heard. It's not nice of me at all, but I enjoyed the thought of Patil getting a little of her own medicine.

Now it seems a lot less funny. And I'm sure you'd have felt for her right away, which is why you're a better person than I am.
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Have a wizard night tonight! You both deserve it.

I promise not to throw any wild parties of my own while you're gone!

Oh and Mum, I read in the Prophet's arts section that Moira Grantworth will be there! I'm so glad you lent me her newest book--the one on the roots of pureblood families in the legendary period of British history--and I'd love to hear about what she's like if you get a chance to meet her.

You know Dad will want to have a chinwag with Professor Raz and all the old Quidditchers (sorry Dad, you know it's true!) so I'm relying on you for some good party stories that don't involve the Wronski Feint.

Love you!
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Are you all right? Zabini didn't hex you or try anything, did he?

I'm so sorry I didn't see your message last night--I fell asleep face-down in my Potions revising.

I didn't even hear you when you came in, and you looked a little pale at breakfast, so I wanted to ask.
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How are you doing?

I've been following all the Order Only chatter about the pins, but I haven't really had anything to add just yet.

But I've been worrying about everyone quite a lot. Not that that helps really.
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I'd really like to see you once more before I go back to school. Are you free tonight?

Mum wants us all home for one last family dinner before we go but I could probably meet you later, around 8.

I think it would be nice to talk.
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I'm taking a quick breather over by the Bad Jam cupboard if you want to join me.

Have you tried this apricot-mincemeat blend? I like it, but I can see why Mrs Stretton thought it was a little too strong.

I still can't believe she actually hired Pete and put him on basket-filling duty. I thought she'd take one look and send him straight home to Mum!
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I can't believe you're here in Hogsmeade!!

So this is what you meant about getting part of my present early, you sly Slytherin you!

Yes, of course I'll meet you for tea.


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