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Happy Birthday, Neville!

Many happy returns of the day, mate. Here's to another year!
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If you'd like to help her celebrate, meet us in the common room after dinner!

There will be biscuits and other tasty things (and a surprise!).
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The Dales were lovely!

Mum was a bit sad that I wasn't home for Easter, but it isn't as if we really go to services or anything.

It was good to be back with the family generally; it's always sort of shocking how much bigger Peter and Carrie get when Ed and I aren't there. I can't believe Carrie's going to be at Hogwarts next year!

Oh, Sally Anne--they were both absolutely enchanted with the origami owl you gave me. Peter's already asking me if I can find him an origami book. I've had to hide it from Valkyrie, though--she keeps trying to attack it!

Neville, I've been doing my best to follow your instructions on the care and feeding of African violets, and I don't seem to have to done anything disastrous--so far, so good.

Mum & Dad had sent me a not on my birthday saying that they wanted to give me my present in person when I came home--you can imagine, I was dead curious. Well, it turns out that one of the Cannons players is upgrading, and he was willing to give Dad a good price on his old broom, so...I have a new broom! It's a Cleansweep 5, which is loads better than what I had before.

I can't wait to try it out!

Speaking of Quidditch, what do you lot think of that new side, the Lethifolds?
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Are you lot doing anything for Ernie's birthday?

Hannah and I were thinking of surprising him--not with anything soppy, don't worry! We picked up some fun things at Zonko's and Honeydukes, and we thought we might have a little something in the common room.


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