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I'd really like to see you once more before I go back to school. Are you free tonight?

Mum wants us all home for one last family dinner before we go but I could probably meet you later, around 8.

I think it would be nice to talk.
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The hols have been busy busy busy.  With all my brothers and sisters around it seems like there is always something happening.  We had Christmas dinner with my Auntie Mina at her farm. 

She is a very jolly person and fond of good food and butterbeer, but also good at being quiet and listening.  The rest of the family went back to London on Boxing Day, but I stayed a night at Auntie Mina's by myself.  She always has each of us children out to stay at different times during the year, and it was my turn since I'd been away at school all term. 

Sometimes it is nice to have someone around who is a grownup and not a teacher or your mum or dad.  You can ask questions in a different way and get a different answer.  She told me loads of stories about her school days and I'm not sure I'll ever look at Headmistress McGonagall in quite  and of course I helped with the owls, who are soft and fuzzy and delightful when they aren't trying to nip you. Valkyrie knows better than to do that sort of thing (unless you are bothering her) but these are just young owls that Auntie Mina is training to sell to the Owlery.

Christmas Day was brill of course.  We didnt get loads of presents but the ones we got were wizard.  Mum got me a couple of new books and a nice warm hat that she knitted.  Dad gave me a Pride of Portree poster of Meghan McCormick and a jar of broomstick ointment.  Even though I don't have my own broom he says I can put it on the bristles of the school brooms and it will give them better wind resistance. Eddie, Carrie and Peter got me a comic with their pocket money; it's called Daniel Boone, Cowboy Wizard of the American West and it looks like great fun.  I wrote Peter a story for his present, and drew him a picture, but I figured Carrie and Eddie would like something from a store, so I got Carrie a copy of The Unicorn Girl and Eddie got a new Exploding Snap deck cos he burnt up his last one. 

I can't believe Eddie is going to be at Hogwarts next year!  I've missed him (and Carrie and Peter too, especially Peter--he is my favourite but I try not to let on) but I've also gotten used to being just Susan and not Susan, the Eldest.  I wonder what House he'll go into. 

Megan is coming soon!  I am so excited I can hardly keep it in!  I hope she will like my large mad family and they will like her.  Though I can't imagine why they wouldn't since she is sweet and kind and loads of fun.  But I should probably warn her that they might be a bit much (especially Eddie) after living all her life with an old lady. 


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