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Ugh, whatever Madame P puts in those healing sleep potions is well powerful. I woke up for a minute on account of a bloody earthquake and then went back to sleep apparently.

Still a little fuzzy on how I actually got done here to the greenhouses. That slashing hex must have been worse than I thought.

Hufflepuffs, if you haven't checked in with Professor Siz yet, please do! You may have already heard that one of us was killed in the fighting--Megan Jones. That's true. I wish it weren't.

We want to make sure you're safe.

Ed? Carrie? Peter? It worries me that you're not already here bothering the healers & trying to wake me up. Please check in. Aunt Mina, you too.

I just got word that Mum & Dad are with the mob of parents in Hogsmeade, so you can probably go home soon.
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Heya Stebs,

How's Dover treating you? I was reading Mrs Longbottom's report the other day and it sounds like there's lots going on and you're right in the middle of it.

That's quite a load, being Secret-Keeper and all. Good show, mate. I know a lot of people are going to be thrilled about getting those wands & supplies & all. What's it like working a mission with Mr Dumbledore? I feel like I haven't really seen much of him as himself, you know, and not Professor Brutka.

It was pretty wizard to see you at the Order meeting over hols--it's nice having someone from the sett that I can talk to about this stuff. Justin's here, of course, but as much as I respect the hell out of him as a person & member of the Order, we don't really talk, and we probably wouldn't even if he didn't have to maintain his cover as Dolohov's favourite. And it was neat to get to hear about the stuff you've been working on with Pansy, from your side. It always makes me happy, seeing my friends get on.

I wish I could say more to Megs & Ernie--Ernie was dead worried after you went missing, did you know? It's well ironic, given that I told him once before (well, told him a little) and he doesn't remember because he asked to be Obliviated. But, I'd like to assure that we're not the side that's murdering people by the dozen, you know? And it seems he genuinely cares about Megs, as much as he can be an oblivious pureblood sometimes.

Not that purebloods are the only ones who can be oblivious--I've been thinking a lot lately about the other intelligent beings we share the world with--Goblins, House Elves--and feeling a right idiot for not having ever thought much about them before. I mean about who they are, how they live, what they want, how they see the world. I guess there's no end to learning new things, and then feeling a bit of an idiot for not having learnt them sooner. What about you? Have you found out any more about France & the Muggle outside world? Maybe one day soon we'll be able to see it.

Give Wayne a shout from me, yeah?
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Dear Great-Aunt Mina,

I'm so sorry that it happened under such up shocking circumstances, and I have a feeling you'd probably have rather stayed with your creatures, but I'm glad you're to be our new Head, and I think you'll be a good one.

I wanted to let you know that I'm here to support you, both as a senior Hufflepuff Prefect, and just as myself.

As far as the Prefecting goes, you can rely on Ernie and me--feel free to put us to work and generally delegate as you need to--and we'll make sure everyone's digging in the same den, so to speak.

I know you've got quite a full load, so anything I can do to lighten it, I'm happy to offer.

Best wishes and love,

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Thanks for sending me that message. It means a lot, it really does. A lot of the time I'm not really sure what I'm doing in the Order, especially this term. I mean, I've been helping Pansy a bit with her challenges, but anyone could do that really. And I don't know what to say to Justin (or Hydra) at all.

I was seeing someone last term, and we broke up at least partially because I have secrets she wasn't ready to know. But it's not the same and I don't want to presume that I know how it feels.

As far as the contest goes, I think the sett as a whole is well relieved that at least one of ours is out of it. And I'm not sure Smith's all that thrilled about being one of the finalists. He was an ass about it at first, but I think that before he only saw the chance of glory, and not how serious it would get. I don't know Bobolis that well--Ced would have a better idea about him--but I think he regrets doing the last challenge. Family's really important to him. The contest's been hard on my friends here, but sett-wise, Umbridge did a lot more damage.
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Don't be so hard on yourself, mate.

Chang's been at this awhile, and you've only played what, three matches? You'll get there.

And hey, I flew for Hufflepuff all last year and I still nearly got whacked by a Bludger and missed a major goal today. I think there's room for all of us to up our play a bit.

Wasn't it good to see Ced cheering us on, though? I hope he'll be able to get back out on the pitch himself soon.
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Looks like we're going to need the twins' Charms expertise after all. But it's not an emergency; Iwe didn't misjudge him that badly, he's not going to run off and betray us to Umbridge.

But it should probably get done by tomorrow, and earlier would be better than later. I gave him a signal, and if I flash it, he'll follow me off into some deserted corner and we can get it taken care of.

He requested it.

He likes the idea of the galleons, in theory, but he has reasons--family reasons--for feeling like he can't get anywhere near it. He's scared his family could end up like the Fleets. His secrets aren't for me to tell since he's not joining, but even though Ernie can be a tad, well, paranoid, in this case I think he probably has cause to be.

But he doesn't want to betray us either; if I or anyone else ever gets caught, he wants to be able to say with absolute truthfulness than he didn't know a thing about it.
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I usually try not to come over all prefect-y here in the journals, but I heard a lot of grumbling at the breakfast table this morning about how the Quidditch suspensions are hurting the team, and I had to say something, both as a team member and as a prefect.

First of all, it's not for me to go into the details, but everyone on the team supports Diggory and agrees it was justified, even Bobolis and Smith. You notice they aren't the ones flapping their gums about how it's unfair?

Second, for all the people moaning about how it hurts our chances of winning the next match--what is Hufflepuff known for on the pitch? Playing hard, but playing with honour, that's what. Anything less isn't just isn't in the spirit of the sett. Winning's brilliant, but it's not worth losing that.

Also, it's one match. One Match. They could have got suspended for the whole season.

And finally, if you really care about Hufflepuff Quidditch as much as you say you do, take a minute to support Rickett and Goshal and let them know that you have confidence in them.

We're a team, both on the pitch and in the sett as a whole, and it's time we started acting like it.
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Well, I survived my first match, and didn't fall off my broom or any of the other things I was worried about. And I had an assist on the winning goal!!

There were a couple of close moments though! Thanks Cadwallader for giving me a hand--not just when my broom slipped, but in general as one of the new ones.

Well played everyone, including Chang and the Ravenclaws. I was just trying to keep my eyes on the Quaffle and didn't see much, but it sounded like there was some pretty snitch Seeking going on!

But I certainly heard about the, er, celebrating afterward...Jordan made sure of that!

The Hufflepuff celebration (not that kind, as far as I know!) is still going on in the Common Room.

In fact, Megs just poked me in the ribs to tell me she and El saved me some biscuits and pumpkin juice, so I'm going to go eat now!
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If anyone's looking for me, I'm picking Valkyrie up from the Owlery and then going flying.

Dunno when I'll be back--in time for dinner, I guess.

A Full Day

Jan. 21st, 2012 09:24 pm
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That's what it's been for sure!

The YPL meeting was long and pretty detailed.

I'm excited about it, but maybe a tad nervous too. Professor Sinistra talked about wanting to stretch us, and yeah, I think it's going to be well challenging for everybody. And I don't know about anyone else, but I'm definitely going to be checking my warming charms and making sure they're ace. Dornie in the winter is going to be cold.

All this is part of what makes it exciting of course--if it were too easy for us, it'd be dull!

Then there was the mixer after--it was really quite fun, although sometimes social things that are organised by adults, even super-nice ones like Professor Sinistra, can be a bit awkward at first.

I really enjoyed getting to know some of the Beauxbatons and Durmstrang students a little more; some of the Durmstrang boys especially have been very quiet in lessons and it was nice to see them open up a bit more.

I do wish more of my friends from Hufflepuff could have attended as well, but I understand that it would have defeated the purpose to have too many people from any one House. Maybe we'll have more things like this later in the term.

I know that some of them have been coming to YPL, but it would be nice to have some other kinds of events that our guests could attend. I talked a bit to Cedric, who was there helping to host, and he said something about organising pick-up Quidditch for anyone who wants to play, which would be pretty wizard!

I'd be well intimidated, playing with Krum, but I expect he'd probably enjoy the sort of match where everyone's just out to have a good time, as much as anyone else would.


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