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I hope I didn't overstep, but my mum teaches infant school and has worked with loads of children over the years, so I asked her about that dyslexia thing you think you might have. I didn't say who, just said it was for a friend.

Anyhow, she said there are things you can do to help but she wanted to meet you in person to ask some questions. I guess she used to have to be careful, because some of the things you can do are derived from Muggle educational theory, but the person in charge of the infant school teachers now (Sarah Yaxley?) is really young and, in Mum's words, "wouldn't know educational theory from broomstick manufacturing" as long as they salute the Protectorate properly and sing the correct songs.

So I guess what I'm saying is...would you like to come over to mine for dinner and talk to my mum?
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Happy Birthday, Neville!

Many happy returns of the day, mate. Here's to another year!
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Hello everyone,

Neville and Pansy told me all about you last night and I...I don't know quite what to say, except that I'm awfully honoured that you've trusted me with it.

I've got to say, when you both wanted to take a walk round the lake, I suspected something was in the cauldron, but nothing like this. It's bloody amazing is what it is.

So here are my secrets--I hope they're enough.

First of all, my parents don't support the Lord Protector--they raised us on the original Beedle stories, and loads of Muggle literature, and told us all about how things used to be different, as soon as we were old enough to understand them, and to understand that we absolutely could not tell other people ever.

And they told us the real story about my Great-Aunt Amelia--that she was loyal to Dumbledore and especially to the rule of the law and no one person being in charge of things. I think Dad sometimes feels like she should have put the family (and Aunt Mina) first, but he always says that she did what she felt was right in an incredibly difficult situation.

They've never actually done anything officially against the government, except teach us, but even so, Mum could lose her job at the very least if anyone found out. The Ministry probably couldn't do anything to Dad directly, but they could probably lean on the Cannons' owner to sack him or get Mr Bagman to ban him from the pitch. I don't know if it would be enough to get us put into fostering, but it might. I'm sure that's a big part of why Mum and Dad've never risked anything more; well, and they don't approve of violence like those awful Dogstar people.

And if that's not enough of a secret, here's one more:

I found out this summer that my Great-Aunt Amelia and my Aunt Mina were more than just good friends who shared a flat--they were Daughters of Artemis. Sapphists.

I had a long talk with Aunt Mina--it explained so much, and not just about them. About me.

I mean to say...I'm pretty sure I fancy girls.

And boys, too, yeah.
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I was just thinking about you and what you've been up to--it feels like we've not seen each other much this summer.

It would have been nice to have you in CCF, though I expect you're well out of it. Some things were a bit rubbish this year, anyhow.

I still can't believe I'm a Perfect; I've been dead excited about it, but it seems like things are going to be different this year, and now I'm a little bit nervous.

How's Evelyn? I hope it's not overstepping, but I asked Ed if he could look out for her a bit this year when you're not around. I know she had rather an awful time last year.

It's weird to think that our Peter (he says he wants us all to call him Pete now that he's 10, but I just can't do it) is the only one of my sibs left home, and Carrie's not an ickle firstie any more.

Anyhow, I'll see you on the train!
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Hey, Neville, are you up?
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Argh! This is exactly why I didn't tell you I had a date to the ball!

I am absolutely, 100% not being disloyal to Han's memory by going to the ball with Neville Longbottom. I don't fancy him that way and he certainly doesn't fancy me.

Between you calling me a traitor and Megs saying how romantic it is, I'm ready to throttle you both.

Now leave me alone so I can finish this bloody Potions parchment--I am not getting a P this year because of you two.


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