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Well, I survived my first match, and didn't fall off my broom or any of the other things I was worried about. And I had an assist on the winning goal!!

There were a couple of close moments though! Thanks Cadwallader for giving me a hand--not just when my broom slipped, but in general as one of the new ones.

Well played everyone, including Chang and the Ravenclaws. I was just trying to keep my eyes on the Quaffle and didn't see much, but it sounded like there was some pretty snitch Seeking going on!

But I certainly heard about the, er, celebrating afterward...Jordan made sure of that!

The Hufflepuff celebration (not that kind, as far as I know!) is still going on in the Common Room.

In fact, Megs just poked me in the ribs to tell me she and El saved me some biscuits and pumpkin juice, so I'm going to go eat now!
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I danced so much tonight and drank an absolute tonne of punch and now I've far too much energy to sleep! The party was brilliant--it seemed like everyone in the school was there! I suppose some of the OWL and NEWT year students who are really, really devoted to revising didn't come, but it certainly seemed like everyone.

They had the lights dimmed, and some sort of colored light show on the ceiling--I meant to check and see if it was done with charms or with some sort of lantern, but then I got absorbed in the party and forgot. The swirly lights and the masks and costumes people were wearing made it seem almost not real.

A whole crowd of us came together from Hufflepuff, but almost right away everyone got swept away by the crowd and pretty soon I couldn't even see Ernie or Hannah. Eloise and I stuck together for awhile and then we bumped (kind of literally as I tripped on the hem of her robe) into Katrina Bundy. All of us tried to guess each other's costumes (of course, Eloise and I already knew each other's, and mine was dead easy anyhow) and Katrina was a blank slate, which I thought was really clever! She showed me how to do the spell that would let me write on her robes with my wand, as if it were a pen.

And by then we were sort of used to the lights and the noise and everything, and I saw that all these people were dancing in one corner and somehow I just had to dance too. And I'm not normally brave like this but I found I could be with the mask on, so I dragged Eloise and Bundy over and pretty soon we were dancing along with everyone else. It was wizard fun, except for some horrid boy who kept dancing near me and pinching me on the arm. He had a green mask on but I think he must have been a third year because I couldn't even guess who he was.

I went and looked for Parkinson when they played "The Witches are Wizard" cos that's a great song, but I didn't see her anywhere nearby. I guess she wasn't in the mood for dancing or something. Finally Professor Acton came in and told everyone it was time to go back to our dorms and sort of got the prefects organised to lead everyone since it was late. And there were a couple of other professors with her; for safety I guess.

I don't want to keep anyone else up so I'm writing this by candlelight and trying to be quiet, though it isn't easy as Hannah and I keep looking at each other and giggling for no reason at all. And I keep having to run up and go to the loo every five minutes, which is just irritating. Eloise was done and dropped straight off to sleep; I'm not worried about her 'cos nothing can budge her when she's really out, not even thunderstorms.

I'm afraid Megan might not be feeling very well though, because she was already in her bed asleep when we came in. She sort of looked up when we came in, and then turned over and went back to sleep. She must have left really early; I hope she's alright.


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