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Was the finale of the duel as brilliant as everyone says?

I missed the whole latter bit because I was out in the antechamber consoling Thalia West, and tearing a strip off Delia Forney and Kelley Drumgoole for daring her to come with them.

They were well shaken up themselves (well, Delia was, I get the impression Kelley's seen a fair amount of duelling at home) so they listened better than they might have otherwise.

I expected some foolhardy younger ones to get in, but I figured it'd be Gryffindors. Shows what I know.

Third years are the worst! First and second years are still a bit in awe of prefects, mostly, and fourth years aren't, but have the sense to keep their heads down most of the time.

Third years, as far as I can tell, have neither awe nor sense. It occurs to me that we were third years your first year prefecting--I feel like I should apologize on behalf of our whole year!

Please tell me it gets easier at some point.
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It looks like everyone in Hufflepuff has got back to the common room now. All the Prefects were checking names off lists when we came in, and then sending people up to their rooms so the common room wouldn't get too crowded.

There was a bit of a scare when no one could find Wayne, so Horus Diggle went out to look for them, and he looked a bit pale when he left as if he was afraid of what he might find. It turned out Wayne had got caught on a moving staircase and was rushing to try to get to lessons on time; he'd not even known what had happened. Eloise and Megan and I ran up and hugged him and I think he was a little embarrased but we were just so glad nothing bad had happened to him, especially cos of what happened to Bobby last term.

I asked Gemma and Heidi if it was all right if we (Eloise and Megan and I) waited in the common room until Hannah and Lettice get back, and they said it was. Then Heidi went off to help comfort the firstie girls cos a lot of them were really upset and scared.

We have a big cupboard in our Common Room that has tea and cocoa and biccies and things. Its supposed to be for special occasions only cos of the shortage. But I was getting tired of sitting and waiting and looking at Eloise and Megan and not knowing what to say, so I asked Gemma if this counted as a special occasion even though its a really really bad one. And she said, yea, if there was any time we could all use some tea it would be now. So I filled up a kettle and did some warming charms, and Megan and Eloise are setting out biccies on plates. We're going to make sure Hannah and Lettice get some when they come back from seeing the Headmistress. It doesnt seem like much but maybe it will calm there nerves. And we're going to make up plates for all the prefects.

Speaking of prefects, I had been hoping to talk to Heidi or Gemma about what happened with Grange Marvolo's mudblood earlier this week cos it was very upsetting. But I don't think now is a good time, especially as things have got even worse.


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