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That was brilliant!

Dad & Mum, I'm so glad you could make it!

Many thanks to Daphne for organising us and being a brilliant leading lady and Mr. Krumgold for investing your time and resources in us.

And thanks to the costume and set crew for making everything look so lovely.

Let's party!
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It has really flown by!

We've had our first rehearsals for the spring revue, and I'm really excited about singing the part of Agnes! We're still in the early stages though--no pun intended! Mr Krumgold had a lot of notes for me, so I have a lot to work on. I just keep reminding myself that he wouldn't have chosen me for the part if he didn't think I could do it.

In some ways, though, I think the people who have the hardest job are going to be our costumers and stagewizards. They're making us look like real Hogwarts students from different eras, and Greengrass and Moon are putting a lot of effort into making everything look authentic!

And of course, all of us in O.W.L. year this year are already starting to think about our exams in the spring. I'm trying to think about them just enough that to be diligent in my revising and not so much that I start to panic!

Our YPL project in the village schools should be interesting, although I suppose there won't be time to paint murals or anything like that, which would be wizard. My mum owled me to say that she thought a group might be coming to her school in New London, even though it's not technically a village.
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Merlin! I just remembered something.

Ron's got the leading role in the revue--has anyone told him?

I didn't want to just blurt it out in the ISS discussion, and I feel as if don't know Ron well enough to PM him, especially at a time like this.


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