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I was thinking you might like to get away for a bit. I talked with Mandy after lunch, and she suggested a walk around the lake.

Up for it, maybe after dinner tonight? I'll bring my wireless and we can see if there's anything good on.
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It was a pretty brill weekend overall, even without Hogsmeade--really, it was a bit of a wrench getting back to lessons today.

I went flying Saturday morning, just me and Valkyrie; she's been looking a bit ragged of feather lately and I wanted to spend some time with her. I think she misses visiting her friends at Professor Grubbly-Plank's owlery, now that she's teaching here.

Solo flying is sometimes the best thing in the world, just flying out over the lake in the morning sun with the little wavelets far below.

Ms. Pencarrow was pretty wizard at the YPL meeting; she had loads of really interesting stuff to show us on the Hogwarts portrait tour. We stopped at this amazing room on the way to Gryffindor tower that's absolutely stuffed full of portraits, and I thought right then that it would be a great spot for the Tea.

That was Sunday, and a good time was had by all, I hope! My scarf still looks a little twitchy, as if it's lonesome for its time as a top hat.

Thanks to the Slytherin portion of the membership for the monocles and moustaches--did you get those at Zonko's?

The games with the portraits mostly went well, although we might have had an easier time getting down from the tower if someone hadn't called Sir Cadogan a pea-brained pillock!

Those portraits must have some way to communicate with the moving staircases, that's the only explanation I've got.

Still, if everything went normally, it wouldn't be Tea Time of the Strange!

After all that fun, it had better be a life of revision for me--we've got 12 inches to write on the theory behind Wit-Sharpening Potion before we start brewing it, argh.
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Hey, Mandy and Luna,

I've been meaning to ask you both about something for awhile, but I keep getting caught up in revising and such and forgetting!

Anyhow, what it is, is--what do you two thinking of inviting Hydra Lestrange to join Teatime?

Pansy and Sally-Anne are all for it (and I assume Millie is too, though Pansy didn't say), but we agreed that it would be good to ask the rest of the Teatimers who aren't in Slytherin, and especially you, Luna, since you're in lessons with her and might see a different side of her than the rest of us.



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