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Heya Stebs,

How's Dover treating you? I was reading Mrs Longbottom's report the other day and it sounds like there's lots going on and you're right in the middle of it.

That's quite a load, being Secret-Keeper and all. Good show, mate. I know a lot of people are going to be thrilled about getting those wands & supplies & all. What's it like working a mission with Mr Dumbledore? I feel like I haven't really seen much of him as himself, you know, and not Professor Brutka.

It was pretty wizard to see you at the Order meeting over hols--it's nice having someone from the sett that I can talk to about this stuff. Justin's here, of course, but as much as I respect the hell out of him as a person & member of the Order, we don't really talk, and we probably wouldn't even if he didn't have to maintain his cover as Dolohov's favourite. And it was neat to get to hear about the stuff you've been working on with Pansy, from your side. It always makes me happy, seeing my friends get on.

I wish I could say more to Megs & Ernie--Ernie was dead worried after you went missing, did you know? It's well ironic, given that I told him once before (well, told him a little) and he doesn't remember because he asked to be Obliviated. But, I'd like to assure that we're not the side that's murdering people by the dozen, you know? And it seems he genuinely cares about Megs, as much as he can be an oblivious pureblood sometimes.

Not that purebloods are the only ones who can be oblivious--I've been thinking a lot lately about the other intelligent beings we share the world with--Goblins, House Elves--and feeling a right idiot for not having ever thought much about them before. I mean about who they are, how they live, what they want, how they see the world. I guess there's no end to learning new things, and then feeling a bit of an idiot for not having learnt them sooner. What about you? Have you found out any more about France & the Muggle outside world? Maybe one day soon we'll be able to see it.

Give Wayne a shout from me, yeah?
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I wanted to go to Pansy's party last night but I was too tired after my detention.  And  I have to do it until the hols, which isn't that long I suppose.  But the wankers in fourth year who were hexing Wayne got loads more and they deserve it to.

I cant believe they would do something like that to someone in their own House!!   And not just once either!

No wonder he was acting so odd.   I would be too if I was getting hit with Stinging Hexes (and other worse ones) every night.

Professor Sprout says I should have come to her instead of trying to help Wayne hex them back, but Wayne and I both thought that would be grassing and nobody wants to be a grass-up.

She says its not grassing if people are getting hurt and that trying be mean back to that person just makes things worse.  But I don't know if I always agree other Heads of House feel the same way. 

Well at least I know where I'll be when I'm not revising--in the greenhouse, or sleeping.

I just hope Professor Sprout doesn't want any Venomous Tentaculae replanted in the next week or so.  And I hope Mum and Dad won't be too dissappointed in me when I come home.



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