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Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit

I did something wrong last night and Zach can see that I PM'd you!

At least it was a PM and not a message to the whole group, and it's not out of character for me to write to either of you.

Still, I've GOT to come up with an explanation he'll buy--he mentioned the revue so I think I can use that.
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I usually try not to come over all prefect-y here in the journals, but I heard a lot of grumbling at the breakfast table this morning about how the Quidditch suspensions are hurting the team, and I had to say something, both as a team member and as a prefect.

First of all, it's not for me to go into the details, but everyone on the team supports Diggory and agrees it was justified, even Bobolis and Smith. You notice they aren't the ones flapping their gums about how it's unfair?

Second, for all the people moaning about how it hurts our chances of winning the next match--what is Hufflepuff known for on the pitch? Playing hard, but playing with honour, that's what. Anything less isn't just isn't in the spirit of the sett. Winning's brilliant, but it's not worth losing that.

Also, it's one match. One Match. They could have got suspended for the whole season.

And finally, if you really care about Hufflepuff Quidditch as much as you say you do, take a minute to support Rickett and Goshal and let them know that you have confidence in them.

We're a team, both on the pitch and in the sett as a whole, and it's time we started acting like it.


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