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2010-01-12 10:40 pm

New Year, New Term

It's funny. We've only been back at school a few days and already the hols seem so far away, like a different life. Starting a new term and a new year always makes me feel a little hopeful--there's another chance for new and different and better things to happen.

Of course, worse things could happen too, but I try not to think about that too much except sometimes I can't help it and maybe they already have.

Speaking of new beginnings, I didn't really have a lot to say here last term besides being terribly busy with lessons, but Professor Sprout just read all of the first and second year Hufflepuffs a terrific lecture about how we haven't been keeping up on the journals and we were letting the side down (except Ernie of course!). I'm awfully fond of Professor Sprout and she's an absolutely wizard Head of House. I'd hate to think I was disappointing her in any way, so I shall be sure to write more here in the new year. I think I shall even make a resolution of it, to post up by my bed so I won't forget.
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2009-09-15 07:00 pm
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Journals and Quidditch

Great Merlin I've got absent-minded over summer hols! I started out to write in my journal and I couldnt find the new one anywhere; all I could find was the old one, and that one seems to have turned into just an ordinary notebook now. I don't think I've really got used to being back at school--I'll really have to broom it now if I want to get good marks this term!

I dont feel all that different being in second year, but one thing that is different is--I'm allowed a broomstick! I haven't _got_ one, of course, but it's nice to know I'd be allowed one if I did. And at least now I won't have to get special permission from Madame Hooch to use the school brooms--I stopped her after the first years' flying practice, and she said that second years are considered responsible enough to take out brooms on our own. Which means I can practice for Quidditch tryouts! Slytherin already had theirs, but Hufflepuff always leaves plenty of time for people to sign up.