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Looks like Thomas is off! I got to do some big & noisy stuff--that was fun--plus a couple of strafing runs in the air that I'm not sure did much.

Hiding now--hoping to pop up and get them after me again, lead 'em on a wild goose chase.

Footsteps--got to stop writing n
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Ugh. So fucking tired. I really need to stop letting Zabini and Thomas get to me.
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It's lovely to hear from you, and I really wish I had time to write here or owl but I just can't. They're working us really hard this week and I have to be more focused than I've been. Not to be paranoid or anything--but I think it's possible that we might need to use some of this stuff for real eventually.

But we should have a wonderful long tea or something when I get back and tell each other all the news--I'll miss those teas when I go back to school in the fall. It'll be odd to be limited to these books and owls and the odd Hogsmeade week-end.

Ta for now!
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I was just thinking about you and what you've been up to--it feels like we've not seen each other much this summer.

It would have been nice to have you in CCF, though I expect you're well out of it. Some things were a bit rubbish this year, anyhow.

I still can't believe I'm a Perfect; I've been dead excited about it, but it seems like things are going to be different this year, and now I'm a little bit nervous.

How's Evelyn? I hope it's not overstepping, but I asked Ed if he could look out for her a bit this year when you're not around. I know she had rather an awful time last year.

It's weird to think that our Peter (he says he wants us all to call him Pete now that he's 10, but I just can't do it) is the only one of my sibs left home, and Carrie's not an ickle firstie any more.

Anyhow, I'll see you on the train!


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