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Fuck it, I know the work we're doing out here is important--Col. Davidson says it's not only doing the right thing, it's also a strategy to help prevent another war once the Sleepers are fully awakened and the rest of the world realises Britain exists again (now there's a thought to trouble your sleep at night).

But I hate, hate being away from the castle when you lot are still risking your lives. Not that I would have been much use to Justin. Or poor Honoria.

And Sally-Anne, for what it's worth, I'm glad you went.

I feel like there's a better way to put this and I'm too tired to think of it: obviously she's grieving, but has Hydra done anything to suggest she might be going to top herself? I'm not sure it would be fair to stop her if she did, but I hope she knows we care.

I'll be back tonight; I haven't packed a stitch. Heard through the grapevine about your village idea--for now I'll be kipping at Great-Aunt Mina's with the family when I'm not out and around, but I'm in if you want me.
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Hey, Mandy and Luna,

I've been meaning to ask you both about something for awhile, but I keep getting caught up in revising and such and forgetting!

Anyhow, what it is, is--what do you two thinking of inviting Hydra Lestrange to join Teatime?

Pansy and Sally-Anne are all for it (and I assume Millie is too, though Pansy didn't say), but we agreed that it would be good to ask the rest of the Teatimers who aren't in Slytherin, and especially you, Luna, since you're in lessons with her and might see a different side of her than the rest of us.



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