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I wish this was a proper letter where I could ask after you and Terry and Kevin (and Colin and Lisa and Mr Davidson and the others) but things are pretty mad around here as you can imagine so this is more by way of passing along a message than anything else.

I just had a really interesting talk with Megan. She was absolutely bursting to tell me how happy she was to read Draco's post and get the news about Sarah Fawcett. I'm sure she's read Harry's too though we didn't talk about him as such.

Anyhow she poured out to me about all the guilt she's carried (and it's not unjustified but I didn't know how deeply her regrets went) about Sarah's death. And then she said "Not that I'm asking exactly but--if I were asking--do you think there might be a way to get a message to Sarah somehow?"

And part of me wanted to go the route of protecting my cover and say something like "What makes you think I'd know?" But--it just seemed like a moment for trust. And truth. At least some trust and truth anyhow. So I allowed that I thought I probably knew someone who could get a message to Sarah. Since she hasn't got a journal of her own that person's you ;). I figured you could show it to Sarah (if you think she would want to see it--but Sarah's always seemed like someone who'd rather know about things than not) and Sarah could respond--or not. So this is Megan's note:

Sarah, it is Megan. I know I don't deserve even to talk with you because I betrayed you and got you killed. Only you didn't get killed and I am so glad. And I am so sorry for what I did, and I don't deserve for you to forgive me but I just wanted you to know that I am not like I was before and I am not doing what people like Umbridge say, and I would do anything to do all that over again. And I am so glad you are alive. I hope you have everything you need. And I am so sorry I did what I did, and if those Order of the Phoenix people got you to a safe place then I owe them more than I will ever have. I am so glad you are alive. - Megan

I really wanted to show Megan the Galleon at least; but I couldn't without breaking the oath.
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Are you all right? Zabini didn't hex you or try anything, did he?

I'm so sorry I didn't see your message last night--I fell asleep face-down in my Potions revising.

I didn't even hear you when you came in, and you looked a little pale at breakfast, so I wanted to ask.
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I'm sorry; I did see what you wrote to me and I meant to write back before--I feel like I'm still catching up on everything because of being sick and well, having a lot on my mind I guess.

I wish you hadn't felt like you had to push me away to protect me, but I understand because I do the same thing a bit. I wish I can't I'm glad you're talking with H Marvolo--he seems like an alright bloke.

Are you all packed? I feel I'm still rushing around making sure I haven't forgotten anything.

I have to do rounds first, but maybe we could meet up on the train?
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Han's remembrance ceremony last night got me thinking.

A lot's happened this year, and we've all said some things that maybe we regret. I know I have.

Can we cry pax and be mates again?

We can't go back to being who we were third year, but maybe we can still leviosa each other up, so to speak, and laugh and have fun and do the kind of slightly mad things we all used to do.

Especially now that exams are over and we have a whole year before we have to start thinking about N.E.W.T.s!
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I feel sort of odd writing about this when there's so much else going on, but even in the midst of all our work and our worries I get this fizzy feeling whenever I think about Aurelia and you two are the only ones I can really talk to about it. I understand why she feels she has to be so secretive, but I wish she'd at least be all right with the rest of the galleon people knowing.

We've been giving our owls a proper exercise regimen this week, though everything we're saying there is very proper and strictly new-friend-ish.

I'd hoped we'd be able to get away to see each other properly, but her parents have her on a N.E.W.T. tutoring course that sounds well demanding--so at least we've been equally busy.

I'm excited to see her in person again, but it's all kind of overshadowed by how horrid everything at school is, you know?

And I'm going to have a hard time being civil to Megan when we get back--I can't believe she helped search our rooms! I sort of understand why she's the way she is, but mostly I just want to shake her really hard.
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If you'd like to help her celebrate, meet us in the common room after dinner!

There will be biscuits and other tasty things (and a surprise!).
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Argh! This is exactly why I didn't tell you I had a date to the ball!

I am absolutely, 100% not being disloyal to Han's memory by going to the ball with Neville Longbottom. I don't fancy him that way and he certainly doesn't fancy me.

Between you calling me a traitor and Megs saying how romantic it is, I'm ready to throttle you both.

Now leave me alone so I can finish this bloody Potions parchment--I am not getting a P this year because of you two.
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The hols have been busy busy busy.  With all my brothers and sisters around it seems like there is always something happening.  We had Christmas dinner with my Auntie Mina at her farm. 

She is a very jolly person and fond of good food and butterbeer, but also good at being quiet and listening.  The rest of the family went back to London on Boxing Day, but I stayed a night at Auntie Mina's by myself.  She always has each of us children out to stay at different times during the year, and it was my turn since I'd been away at school all term. 

Sometimes it is nice to have someone around who is a grownup and not a teacher or your mum or dad.  You can ask questions in a different way and get a different answer.  She told me loads of stories about her school days and I'm not sure I'll ever look at Headmistress McGonagall in quite  and of course I helped with the owls, who are soft and fuzzy and delightful when they aren't trying to nip you. Valkyrie knows better than to do that sort of thing (unless you are bothering her) but these are just young owls that Auntie Mina is training to sell to the Owlery.

Christmas Day was brill of course.  We didnt get loads of presents but the ones we got were wizard.  Mum got me a couple of new books and a nice warm hat that she knitted.  Dad gave me a Pride of Portree poster of Meghan McCormick and a jar of broomstick ointment.  Even though I don't have my own broom he says I can put it on the bristles of the school brooms and it will give them better wind resistance. Eddie, Carrie and Peter got me a comic with their pocket money; it's called Daniel Boone, Cowboy Wizard of the American West and it looks like great fun.  I wrote Peter a story for his present, and drew him a picture, but I figured Carrie and Eddie would like something from a store, so I got Carrie a copy of The Unicorn Girl and Eddie got a new Exploding Snap deck cos he burnt up his last one. 

I can't believe Eddie is going to be at Hogwarts next year!  I've missed him (and Carrie and Peter too, especially Peter--he is my favourite but I try not to let on) but I've also gotten used to being just Susan and not Susan, the Eldest.  I wonder what House he'll go into. 

Megan is coming soon!  I am so excited I can hardly keep it in!  I hope she will like my large mad family and they will like her.  Though I can't imagine why they wouldn't since she is sweet and kind and loads of fun.  But I should probably warn her that they might be a bit much (especially Eddie) after living all her life with an old lady. 


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